4 Predictions For The Upcoming 2017 Major League Baseball Season

We have just ended another year for the Major League Baseball. It was definitely exciting since the adorable underdogs, the Chicago Cubs, eventually won, bringing finally an end to their everlasting title hunt. Thanks to this and the many young stars who brought vigor to the game, the sport enjoyed a strong revival in the hearth of American people. As we start another year, it’s time to make fearless predictions for the 2017 MLB season. Only time can prove me wrong. The first one is that the 2017 MLB season will be as exciting as the last. Right, this is not a prediction as a like the League 🙂 But I truly think that the next few seasons will hugely benefit of the recent blossoming of talents. However here are more serious predictions:

1. Chicago Cubs won’t be champions. As much as the Cubs have the talented young players, good rotational and a great manager, it’s hard in this age and era to repeat as champs. As much as they have a winning formula, it just takes one unbeatable team in October to dent their title hopes. The last time a team won back to back was by the Yankees from 1998-2000. This is highly unlikely to happen this season.

2. AL West: My choice to win the AL West is Houston Astros. This might come as surprise to many with the Texas Rangers in this league. With the Rangers losing the likes of Carlos Beltran, Mitch Moreland and Ian Desmond means their starting rotation might be a little to thin going to October. This means as much as the Rangers are a good team, making it to the play-off is a fairy tale. As for the Astros, they have brought veterans in the like of Brian McCann who we all know hits his right-hand pretty well. They have signed pitcher Charlie Morton. With all these signings it looks as if the Astros might just make it there.

3. Most Valuable Player: My bet is that Kris Bryant will win the MVP once again. As much as the Cubs won’t retain the title, Bryant will do it again his second season, he was just great last season. He did .292/.385/.554, 39 homers and 102 RBI in just 155 games. That was phenomenal. He will win again since most players improve continually in terms of discipline and experience. As long as the Cubs line-up is around him Bryant will be the MVP not only this season, but for seasons to come. He should take the MVP back to back as Miguel Cabrera did in 2012-2013.

4. NL West: For the fifth consecutive year the Los Angeles Dodgers will be crowned as the champions. The Dodgers have a winning streak unlike the other teams in this league. In this season they will continue their dominance. With this in mind, the Dodgers are known to make moves that ensure that they are included in the playoff.

These are my predictions for the 2017 MLB season. Don’t start war of words right now. Let’s wait and see then you can bash me for been right or wrong.

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